Crossfit creates a complete fitness program that involves various functional movements to achieve complete body strength and endurance. Prominently, these functional movements include barbell lifts such as deadlifts, squats and many other bodyweight exercises, including pull-ups and pushups. One more exercise that supports these fundamentals movements is the back extension. Just like other Crossfit exercises, the back extension must be performed under the supervision of a Crossfit certified trainer using the adequate technique for the best results.


Crossfit workouts incorporate a back extension into daily workouts to build functional core and posterior chain strength to practice prominent lifts such as deadlifts, squat and Olympics lifts. By strengthening the core and posterior chain with back extensions, you can effectively perform heavy lifts during Crossfit strength workouts.


Identical to the other Crossfit exercises, you ought to know the proper technique for back extension exercises to improve the results and reduce the chances of getting injured. The right back extension technique allows your glutes and hamstrings to activate during the Crossfit workout. Setup a GHD machine so that the top of your pelvis is hanging in front of the thigh pad. Slowly round your lower back as you bend at the waist and straighten your lower back while returning to the starting position.

Crossfit Exercises

As Crossfit back extensions are challenging and require particular technique, people often scale the exercises with the substitutes. Good mornings and supermans are the two most common substitutes. To practice good mornings, you need a barbell. This Crossfit exercise targets the posterior chains identical to a back extension. Supermans are practiced by lying on the mat and raising the arms and legs at the same time to activate the posterior chain muscles.

Avoid spinal flexion when performing the Crossfit back extension substitute exercises to prevent back injuries. Consult a Crossfit consultant before starting the back extension exercises.

Crossfit Workouts

Back extension exercises are included into various Crossfit workouts. The “Michael” hero workout and the Filthy Fifty workout are the most popular and preferred Crossfit workouts. Both workouts include 50 back extensions.  In “Michael” hero workout, you will be asked to three rounds of: 800-meter run, 50 back extensions and 50 sit-ups. If your choice is the Filthy fifty, however, includes 50 back extensions, 50 reps on box jumps, jumping pull-ups, kettlebell swing, walking lunges, push press, wall ball shots, burpees and double under.

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