Crossfit exercises are suitable for people belong to different age groups. Crossfit recruitment exercise program is extremely beneficial for those who have limited mobility or people disabilities. Being a person with disability, you cannot perform certain exercises such as yogalates, zumba, etc. but Crossfit has customized its workout s to accommodate for your limitations.

At crossfit home gym, special arrangements are provided to participants with limited mobility without charging extra, as long as they submit a written explanation of their needs along with their registration application and appropriate medical documents. The workouts are created and modified assuming individual's need, depending upon the individual’s physical limitations.

Crossfit Leg Recruitment Workout

Crossfit leg recruitment exercise benefits both physically-fit and individual with disability. People with limited mobility should perform some muscle-strengthening exercises at least two days a week that involve major muscle-groups. If you use a wheelchair, your workout at crossfit home gym will include quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes. Regular leg exercises help in reducing the risk of developing muscle atrophy, which is the wasting way of muscles due to nerve damage or lack of movement.

Box jump is an effective crossfit exercise that involves entire muscles of leg. Here is the technique, you ought to follow to do box jump at crossfit home gym:

Box Jump

In this crossfit exercise, you need to jump up from the ground and onto a 4-inch stable box. If you have limited mobility, first off, start standing still in the wheelchair and just lift your legs independently onto the box. But, if you can stand, just hold onto something stable and jump up and onto the box, be sure you’re balancing your body weight with your arms.

Squat Jump

Another crossfit leg recruitment exercise is the squat jump. If you cannot stand on your own, hold on something that allows you to pull yourself up and lower yourself back down. If you cannot do it on your own, you can take help of two assistants to gold you up on each side. To do a jump squat, squat down as if you’re sitting on a chair and jump as quickly as you can.

Important Considerations

Warm-up exercises are important to perform before starting any crossfit workout. If you perform exercise without warming up your muscles, it may cause pain in your muscles or your joints to hyperextend. Stretch your muscles and also perform yoga to increase the flexibility of your muscles.


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